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Angela Setzer, Benefit Consultant
2102 SW 20th Place, Bld. 200 # 201
Angela Setzer
Emmylu Piscitelli, CPA


Emmylu Piscitelli
Melissa Tomlin Marketing Consultant
P.O. Box 350127
Grand Island
Melissa Tomlin
Robin Patrowicz Senior Services (RPSS)

Senior Solutions & Life Care Planning.  Comprehensive Senior Advocacy & Discharge Planning.  Financial & Medical Care Plan Consulting.  Facilitation for VA/Medicaid Programs.  Professional Guardianship.  Relocation Consulting.  Health Care Surrogate.  Power of Attorney, and Notary.
Robin Patrowicz, JD,CSA, CDP
Turn To The Stars –  Andrea Klim

Andrea is well known for her Astrology Readings, TV Show on Manchester, NH, YouTube Channel, Astrology & Shamanism Classes, Spiritual Insights. She was NBC’s Astrologer covering the Royal Wedding of 2011 for Kate & William. She’s been providing professional Astrology Counseling services for 20 years. Andrea is also an educated Shamanic Practitioner providing classes in Shamanic Journeying and healing therapies for your Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body which includes Ghost Clearings. She’s available for Parties & Social Gatherings. With your reading you receive your life map along with an in depth explanation of what your soul contracted for in this lifetime. You will discover what is at the roots of your human existence. Gain insight into your families DNA patterns and how they manifest in your life patterns. Andrea can look into any area of your life and provide helpful insight into your past, present and future with exact dates of events that are to unfold. Have personal, relationship, financial, past life questions? “Turn To The Stars & You Will Find Your Answers There”!

As you tap into the path of your dharma (the principle of cosmic order) you can change your destiny or fate by discovering the work you were born to do. “Astrology is a Science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.” Albert Einstein.

Andrea is also a distributor of the Chaga Mushroom aka The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms, strengthens your vitality. Distributor of Richway USA Amethyset Crystal Healing Biomat, heal your body 5000x faster.

 Testimonial: I don’t know if you remember me from the last time. I had come in with my then husband and your reading was really poignant… like really poignant… and it all came to be. It was all the right thing, even though it was a really painful experience at the time. But, it was the right thing! So, I want to thank you for telling me some really difficult things. It was all what I needed to hear and it was completely true. You are a real deal angel in a human persons body. (Trace)
Mount Dora
Andrea Klim